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    Intelligent Video Security
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    AI Based Camera For Smart Home Ecosystem

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    Reference Design Licensing
    For Faster Time To Market

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    VowMee Enterprise
    Leverage cloud platform to make your video security network intelligent
  • Video Streaming Platform
    Video Technology built for the Cloud
    Adaptive Bitrate Live Streaming

Who we are ?

Xvidia Technologies is an intelligent video security platform leveraging its expertise in cloud based video streaming, smart devices and artificial intelligence.

Lack of centralized online intelligence makes it difficult to secure an untoward incident happening or about to happen. It may be security to home, corporate or a city. Its critical to secure a physical area with edge and cloud based analytics to provide real-time, proactive and pre-emptive alerts to stop a crime or an accident to happen.

Our engineers have designed a state of the art intelligent deterrent camera, made especially for such situations, which observes the situation, reading faces, recording voices and analyses the situation with its built in deep learning capabilities and alerts the subject.

  • Device
    Intelligence in the Edge
    Predictive reasoning
    Proactive alerts
    Pre-emptive process
    Voice assistance
  • Cloud
    Scalable video engine for millions of video streams in milli-seconds globally
    Centralized intelligence to globally distributed censors
  • AI
    Runs real time analytics
    Mimics human behaviors using AI techniques
    Uses Virtual reality to validate reasoning
    Uses Augmented reality to ascertain results
    Self-learning system

We enable a

Security system you can depend on

Trust Xvidia to protect your home and business from any potential threats. Our superior alarm and security systems will provide you with the safety and security that you need and deserve. During the meeting, you will receive plenty of information concerning the most effective solutions for personal and property protection.

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