The Intelligent Software Defined Security Platform has arrived

The FaceOrbit Platform is designed to maximize capacity utilization, enhance performance, and reduce TCO costs

powerful combination of intelligent algorithms

Breakthrough in instant intelligent security lets you easily add video sensors, arm them with proven use cases and get instant alert and monitoring


The FaceOrbit Platform is designed to maximize capacity utilization, enhance performance, and reduce TCO costs

A Pioneering AI CCTV / Surveillance System

Our solutions allow users to achieve optimal value from their video surveillance networks by automating video analysis to detect and alert for events of interest, expedite search in recorded video and extract statistical data from the footage captured by surveillance cameras.

Xvidia solutions allows users to improve security and safety in their facilities, enhance the efficiency of guards and surveillance systems operators, produce valuable business insights and better manage the traffic flow of people and vehicles.

Data analytics

Xvidia boasts a set of advanced,predictive and proactive video analysis tools that provide for the immediate detection and extraction of events and valuable data from surveillance footage, replacing the manual and time-consuming tasks traditionally employed to monitor live video feeds or sift through recorded video.

Machine Learning

Machine learning, neural network ,statistics,and beyond - Xvidia's engine offers a full set of statistics and machine learning functionality,plus advanced method as nonlinear optimization,system identification, and thousands to prebuilt algorithms for image and video processing.

Face Recognition

Face recognition is central to many biometric,security and surveillance systems, as well as image and video indexing system. Xvidia's Computer Vision System builtin algorithms enable to you extract features from facial images,Recognize patterns.

Xvidia Technology

A Pioneering AI CCTV / Surveillance System


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