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Video Security On The Move

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Vehicle Security

Vehicle security use cases are in corporate buses, corporate cabs, school buses, fleet management etc.

Cab-i is a powerful in vehicle surveillance solution that takes care of all kinds of exigencies.

  • Share LIVE Ride with near and dear ones.
  • Works as a black box for car.
  • Works with varying internet integrity on 3G/ 4G or Wi-fi hotspot by storing as well as streaming the video feeds securely.
  • Streams videos seamlessly and LIVE if Internet upload is of a desired level.
  • Stores seamless video-audio, adapts to fluctuating internet speeds by adjusting various video encoding parameters like frames/ second, bitrate, resolution, color hue/ saturation etc. to maintain live stream
  • Allows customization at all level – Audio on/off, FPS Control (from 24 frames per second to 1 Frame in 10 seconds and more), Video switch on/off timings, storage on/off timings and a number of business requisites.
  • Cab-I adapts and has the capabilities to assess anomalies during the entire trip
  • Triggers alarms with video streams if ETA is not matched.
  • Triggers alarms with video feeds in case of a detour or re-routing.



Camera Device Details Safety To Passengers
Light, portable camera with battery & GPS  Passengers can book office cabs having Xvidia application
Works over 3G/ 4G/ public WiFi Passengers can access driver’s documents
Two way communication Check route information
Face recognition of driver and passenger Delegate ‘watch’ to someone
Driver assist – Drowsy driver alert Know ETA to mid-points based on routing and road conditions
GPS Location on Google map Trigger panic alert to control room
Real time information feed to police and command centre Turn ON/ OFF video/audio of the camera
Route anomaly detection  
Equipped with vehicle telematics pairing