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Secure Your Home Or Small Office

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VowKam is a smart plug and play camera meant for video security at smart homes, small offices, retail shops, restaurants etc. Its designed for power and network redundancy. The 4G connectivity allows it to work even when there is no WiFi. It allows you to view your home remotely from anywhere in the world on a computer, smart phone or tablet. Users can set the system to automatically record footage upon activation of the motion and voice sensors, share camera and store it on the cloud, even at night.


Keeping an eye has never been easier. Whether taking care of home, baby, senior citizens or pets, VowKam with its integrated voice assistance and other AI capabilities comes handy. It sends real time alerts based on motion detection, voice recognition (crying baby), face detection (human or animal), object detection (Gun etc.) and face recognition. Is a deep-learning system and gets better with more connected devices.

The voice assistance shall soon support multiple languages (International as well as Vernacular).

VowKam is designed for Smart Homes and supports Amazon Alexa Skills to work with Echo devices. It shall be supporting other smart home eco-systems like Google Home etc. Further IFTTT based use cases are being developed to work directly with the other sensors etc.

The user friendly mobile App can be used to configure multiple cameras and search the video recordings. Install in minutes, all you need is the mobile app and a working data connection.

The magnetic base allows for tilt and placement and it can either be on table top or wall mounted. The LED ring gives the status of the camera.

The device uses highly secure encryption to protect your connection at all times.

Xvidia partners with leading telecom service providers for M2M data bundling options.

Use Cases

Home Monitoring while you are away

Pet monitoring - two way communication

Senior Citizens monitoring

Baby monitoring


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